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    You can find out about your course adviser's from our qualification pages
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    Lincoln Qualifications Degrees Diplomas and Certificates
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  • Undergraduate

    So what does your future look like? ...
  • Māori Students

    Nau mai, Haere mai, welcome to Lincoln University, New Zealand’s specialist land-based university.
  • Postgraduate

    Lincoln offers a range of postgraduate study options from honours degrees through to PhD.
  • How to Apply

    All you need to know about applying to study at Lincoln.
  • Full-time and Part-time Study

    Be flexible in your learning, find out about our full- and part-time study options.
  • Summer School

    Summer School courses can help you get ahead with your degree.
  • Go Global - Study Overseas

    Study overseas as part of your Lincoln University degree.
  • Global Mobility Programme

    International students can study at Lincoln University and transfer your credit back to your degree at home.
  • In person - 2015 Graduation Ceremonies

    Choosing to graduate 'In Person' means you’ll be attending the Graduation Ceremony in Lincoln and having your degree awarded in person on 24 April 2015.
  • Regalia - hire, wear and return

    This section covers your regalia - hire, wear and return.
  • Learn

    Your essential tool for course details, study advice and campus news and events.
  • Choosing your course

    Depending on whether you are looking to enrol for the first time, looking to change your study path, or just don’t know what the next step is with your current programme, there are resources on hand to help.
  • Postgraduate resources

    There are services and facilities available to help cater for the challenges of postgraduate study.
  • Sustainability

    Key to all that Lincoln University does is an awareness of, and care for, the environment.
  • Partners

    It is important to Lincoln University to work collaboratively with partners to ensure our research remains relevant to the needs of industry.
  • Faculty of Agribusiness and Commerce

    The Faculty of Agribusiness and Commerce is at the forefront of sustainable business.
  • Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences

    The Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences provides the foundation of knowledge for land-based, sustainable production.
  • Department of Agricultural Sciences

    The Department of Agricultural Sciences is responsible for teaching and research in the plant and animal sciences, and in crop and livestock production.
  • Department of Ecology

    The Department of Ecology focus on modern approaches and tools in molecular, behavioural, community and ecosystem ecology.
  • Department of Wine, Food and Molecular Biosciences

    The Department of Wine, Food and Molecular Biosciences is responsible for delivery of the Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology, the Bachelor of Science (Food Science) and teaching for other related courses.
  • Department of Soil and Physical Sciences

    The Soil and Physical Sciences Department has responsibility for the delivery of all undergraduate and postgraduate soil-related courses, and many physical science courses including first and second year undergraduate chemistry and physics.
  • Faculty of Environment, Society and Design

    The Faculty of Environment, Society and Design teaches a wide range of disciplines from environmental management, applied computing to landscape architecture and tourism.
  • Department of Informatics and Enabling Technologies

    The Department of Informatics and Enabling Technologies applies computing technology to solve real world problems.
  • Department of Tourism, Sport and Society

    The Department of Tourism, Sport and Society is the most diverse of Lincoln University’s academic departments.
  • Recruitment Process

    Lincoln has a vigorous recruitment process to ensure that the right person is recruited for the University and to ensure that Lincoln is the right place for the applicant.
  • Regional Diploma

    Learn while you earn with our Regional Diploma Programme.
  • Domestic tuition fees

    Domestic tuition fees depend on the courses you select within your qualification.
  • International tuition fees

    International students have programme-based fees.
  • Field trips and tours

    Some courses have field trips/tours associated with them.
  • Administration fees

    All you need to know about academic, examination, general, withdrawal/refund and late fees.
  • Practical work fee

    Some qualifications have a practical work component associated with them.
  • Global Challenges Programme

    Feed the world, protect the future, live well: they’re Lincoln University’s causes; a response to the global challenges facing the planet today.
  • International student tuition refund policy

    A refund fee of NZ$500, including GST, will be charged to all international students who request a tuition fee refund as a result of a semester cancellation or withdrawal, or transferal to another educational institution, no later than 21 days after the first day of a full semester or five days after the start of English Language Programmes or Summer School.
  • Compulsory Insurance

    Under New Zealand law International Students must have and current medical and travel insurance for the duration of their planned period of ...
  • Maori Support

    The delivery of teaching and research is the responsibility of the University’s ...
  • Lincoln University Centre for International Development

    The Lincoln University Centre for International Development (LUCID) conducts research and research-based consulting that advances international development.
  • Brochures and Publications

    Our brochures provide an overview of our programmes, courses, facilities and support services.
  • Entry Requirements

    Find out what is needed to join us at Lincoln for postgraduate study.
  • Peak Oil Think Tank

    Peak Oil Think Tank In recent years there has been growing and well-founded concern that the world is reaching (or has already) ‘peak’ or ‘plateau’ of global oil production. The global economy, countries (including New Zealand), and sectors have thrived on the back of cheap oil. Increases in global oil prices or long term shortfalls will affect the world we live in
  • The Right to Landscape

    The Right to Landscape©2008 (RtL) Project is a collaborative initiative between Lincoln University, New Zealand, the Cambridge Centre for Landscape and People (CCLP) UK and the American University of Beirut( AUB), Lebanon.
  • Spatial Yield (2007-2012)

    Project Overview ...
  • TRREC Projects

    Financial and Economic Yield in (Lincoln University) in partnership with the Tourism Industry Association of New Zealand and the Ministry of Tourism are undertaking a three year programme to develop tools to enhance the financial and economic yield from tourism.
  • Indicators (completion 2002)

    Indicators of Acceptable Environmental Change for Tourism ...
  • Resources

    Resources ...
  • Department of Land Management and Systems

    Land Management and Systems comprises the Agricultural Management, Forest Management, Engineering, and Property Studies disciplines.
  • Department of Global Value Chains and Trade

    The Department of Global Value Chains and Trade provides work ready graduates who have a keen appreciation of the unique mix of elements that the make up a successful exporting business involved in international trade.
  • Department of Financial and Business Systems

    The Department of Financial and Business Systems is responsible for the Bachelor of Commerce major in Accounting and Finance and is involved in the Bachelor of Commerce (Information Technology).
  • Department of Agribusiness and Markets

    The Department of Agribusiness and Markets (AgMk) prepares students for careers along the value chain with a focus on delivering land-based products and services to customers in both developed and developing countries.
  • Bookshop

    Bookshop The Lincoln University Bookshop offers a range of retail services on campus.
  • Glossary

    Glossary Administration Committee University authority that administers the regulations on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor and the Academic Board. The AAC grants admission, confirms courses of study, awards credits, confirms grades and considers applications for special consideration..
  • Lincoln University Farms

    Lincoln University has traditionally owned and managed a variety of farm properties in its portfolio for four key reasons.
  • History

    Lincoln University has been involved with this leadership programme since 1979 when it was launched with a grant from the Kellogg Foundation, USA.
  • Past Participants

    Comments from previous participants.
  • Referee Form

    As a referee you are asked to provide a short referee statement for a person who has applied for selection for the Kellogg Rural Leadership Programme for 2015.
  • Application Form

    Here's where to fill out the online application form or download it.
  • 2015 Programme

    Develop and refine your leadership potential in a supportive environment with leadership experts and senior industry leaders.
  • International student loans

    Below is a list of international student loans available.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Check out our list of frequently asked questions, broken down into categories for you.
  • Bachelor Degree Admission Requirements

    The entrance requirements for students from other countries include: ...
  • Agriculture Life Sciences

    Agriculture Life Sciences ...
  • Lincworks

    Lincworks ...
  • Scientific Publications

    View the latest scientific publications.
  • Postgraduate Students

    View our current and previous postgraduate students.
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