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  • News & Events

    Latest news and events
  • Learn

  • Māori Student Support

    events, kapa haka, wananga, and workshops to support and enhance Māori identity on campus.
  • Students and graduates

    events throughout the year featuring employers on campus for drop-ins, information sessions and networking events.
  • Employers

    events Poster distribution - electronic and paper (A4 only) Interviews on-campus.
  • Career Hub

    events and career resources.
  • Conference & Professional Development

    events that exceed expectations- creating unforgettable experiences and delivering outstanding results.
  • Global Challenges Programme

    events, the programme will extend into the community; engaging a wide-range of groups with ‘grass roots’ activity aimed at helping solve the global challenges.
  • Research

    events of the Canterbury sequence of earthquakes (2010-2012).
  • Key people

    events. The project that Lincoln researchers are leading considers the degree of seismic resistance of the built environment to seismic shock as a cause, and public health costs as an effect. Tim Curran, Senior Lecturer in Ecology Tim and his students use plant functional traits to investigate how plants respond to extreme climatic events such as drought, cyclones, frost, and other disturbances such
  • Australian Students

    events other than health care.
  • History

    events, and community since the founding of the institution.
  • TRREC Projects

    events sector).
  • Adaptation to Climate Change in New Zealand

    events and the level of risk projected future changes pose; what the tourism industry’s adaptive capacity is and which adaptation measures could reduce the potential costs of climate change.
  • Disaster response and recovery

    events more quickly.
  • Reduction mitigation and adaption

    events, but as results of ill-planned development and poor governance.
  • Glossary

    events at the start of the semester to introduce new students to university life.
  • LincolnConnect

    Events Coordinator Kerry Winterbourn Graphic Designer SchoolsLinc Fiona Scott Schools Linc Programme Manager Student Liaison Jaime Thomson Student Liaison Manager Brad Baxter Senior Student Liaison Officer Suzanne Carruth Student Liaison Officer - Telford Lis Comrie Marketing and Student Liaison Administrator Kimberley Forbes Student Liaison Officer Ekara Lewis Maori Outreach Coordinator Sophie Prangnell Senior Student Liaison Officer     ...
  • MaxClover Grazing Experiment

    events associated with pasture management where sheep grazed at high stocking rates for short durations to clean up pastures.
  • Interns and Visitors

    events allowed me to learn more about the project but also how to speak, how to adapt your language to your audience.
  • Future Leader Scholarship

    events As an ambassador for Lincoln University you will participate in a variety of events both on and off campus.
  • Graduation events

    events taking place the day before graduation.
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