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  • Staff & People

    Look here for a list of staff and personnel
  • International

    people from around the globe, to achieve our mission .
  • Pasifika Students

    people both within New Zealand and in the wider Pacific region.
  • How to Apply

    People often talk about a student enrolling at university like its one step, but in fact there are a number of stages in the ‘enrolment’ process – and only one of them is actually called enrolment.
  • Clubs and Organisations

    people, broaden your horizons, and have some fun.
  • Lincoln University Overseas Exchange

    people from a different culture and make new friends * See another part of the world without pausing your studies * Study subjects in addition to those available at Lincoln and broaden your knowledge of a particular discipline.
  • Renting

    people who can help.
  • Student Support Network

    people who you can go and see at any time about any problem.
  • Recruitment Process

    people will be thanked for attending and given an opportunity to respond.
  • Centre for Land, Environment and People

    LEaP) aims to enhance the economic, environmental and social sustainability of societies.
  • Centre for Viticulture and Oenology

    people with innovative vineyard management, wine-making and wine business skills.
  • Our Mission

    people: this will create challenges that need solutions.
  • History

    people, events, and community since the founding of the institution.
  • Tourism & Oil (2007 to 2010)

  • Peak Oil Think Tank

    LEaP Think Tank is an initiative to raise awareness of the seriousness of peak oil for New Zealand and to provide relevant knowledge to assist strategic planning for a transition to a low carbon economy.
  • Agents and Semantic Agents

    People involved in the project ...
  • Data Analysis and Visualization

    People involved in the project Clare Churcher Alan McKinnon Description of the project Informed decisions are based on the availability of information and the ability of decision-makers to manipulate this information.
  • Human Aspects of Computing

    People involved in the project Stuart Charters Postgraduate student Nassiriah Shaari Description of the project Many websites are originally developed for desktop computers. Web sites such as Facebook develop parallel sites for access from mobile devices. This project looks at how one site can be developed which allows users to prioritise the items they would like to see on
  • Physical Activity, Sports and Exercise Science

    people that go to high altitude have no prior knowledge of how their bodies will cope with the rarefied atmosphere, being able to predict responders from non-responders has the potential to save expense and lives.
  • Surfing Reefs

    LEaP research in the Human Dimensions of Fisheries and Aquaculture.
  • Downshifting in New Zealand

    people, individually or collectively, reducing their participation in economic activity (e.
  • Recreational Hunters

    LEaP 8, Lincoln University, Canterbury, New Zealand ...
  • Public Perceptions of NZ's Environment (ongoing)

    people randomly selected from the Electoral Roll, but in 2013 was gathered through e-survey. Each biennial (from 2010 triennial) survey uses the Pressure-State-Response framework for state of the environment reporting to assess resources such as air quality, native plants and animals, native forest and bush, soils, beaches and coastal waters, marine fisheries, marine reserves, freshwaters, national parks, wetlands, urban environments, and
  • Publications

    LEaP publications and the projects Prioritising river values and Publich Perceptions of NZ's Environment for publations avalible for download ...
  • The Right to Landscape

    People (CCLP) UK and the American University of Beirut( AUB), Lebanon.
  • Spatial Yield (2007-2012)

  • Environmental Footprint of the New Zealand Tourism Sector (2008)

    LEAP and the AERU), and elsewhere in the measurement and reduction of businesses carbon footprints.
  • Contact us

    LEaP Research Centre Faculty of Environment, Society & Design Lincoln University Street and delivery address Ellesmere Junction Road/Springs Road Lincoln Canterbury New Zealand Postal address PO Box 85084 Lincoln University Lincoln 7647 Canterbury New Zealand Enquiries Please direct enquiries to the respective theme leaders.
  • Community involvement

    LEaP researchers on editorial boards: World Leisure Journal (editors: Grant Cushman  and Bob Gidlow ) Journal of Landscape Architecture (Prof Simon Swaffield ) Landscape Journal (Prof Simon Swaffield ) Landscape Review (Editor in Chief: Dr.
  • Copyright

  • Partnerships

    LEaP maintains close links with research institutions, individual researchers, industry partners and government organisations in New Zealand and internationally to ensure high quality, connectedness and uptake of research results.
  • Ethical Behaviour and Harassment

    people trained to hear your complaint promptly and in strict confidence.
  • Health Services

    people to talk to, get in touch.
  • Past Participants

    people was motivating and they continue to be close friends and a valuable network.
  • Referee Form

    people who work in the primary industry sector in New Zealand, who have demonstrated a willingness or potential to assume responsibility in community, governance or management leadership roles in the rural community.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    people ignore it and go straight back in with no problems. Others swear by two year breaks. This process is documented as about a 50 percent risk of autoalleleopathy (this is a fancy word the chemicals produced by the old lucerne stand building up in the soil and compromising the ability of newly sown lucerne seedlings to establish successfully). Work has been
  • Interns and Visitors

    people from different organisations and to visit different farms.
  • LU Sport

    people and communities, and on an individual level, is a great way to ensure you look after your wellbeing.
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