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  • Staff & People

    Look here for a list of staff and personnel
  • On the day

    Graduating in person is an exciting and well-deserved experience filled with tradition and pride.
  • Tickets, photos, parking and tips for family and friends or graduands

    Below is some information about tickets, photos, parking and tips for your family and friends, to ensure you make the most of this special day.
  • IT Resources

    We all rely on computers and software to do our study and work these days, and when it’s going good, great, but when it’s not, help! ...
  • International Student Support

    At Lincoln we have students from around 60 different countries on campus, and we're committed to ensuring a supportive, rewarding environment for all.
  • Sustainability

    Key to all that Lincoln University does is an awareness of, and care for, the environment.
  • Performance Based Research Fund

    Lincoln University gets some of its research funding from the Performance Based Research Fund (PBRF).
  • Human Ethics Committee

    The role of the Human Ethics Committee is to ensure that all research at Lincoln University that involves human participants meets established ethical standards.
  • Liaison Office

    If you have a particular area of interest, give us a call and we can arrange for one of our lecturers to come and teach in your school.
  • Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences

    The Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences provides the foundation of knowledge for land-based, sustainable production.
  • Department of Ecology

    The Department of Ecology focus on modern approaches and tools in molecular, behavioural, community and ecosystem ecology.
  • Department of Wine, Food and Molecular Biosciences

    The Department of Wine, Food and Molecular Biosciences is responsible for delivery of the Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology, the Bachelor of Science (Food Science) and teaching for other related courses.
  • Department of Soil and Physical Sciences

    The Soil and Physical Sciences Department has responsibility for the delivery of all undergraduate and postgraduate soil-related courses, and many physical science courses including first and second year undergraduate chemistry and physics.
  • Faculty of Environment, Society and Design

    The Faculty of Environment, Society and Design teaches a wide range of disciplines from environmental management, applied computing to landscape architecture and tourism.
  • Department of Environmental Management

    The Department of Environmental Management promotes the advancement of knowledge, through teaching and research, to sustainably manage the natural and human environment.
  • Recruitment Process

    Lincoln has a vigorous recruitment process to ensure that the right person is recruited for the University and to ensure that Lincoln is the right place for the applicant.
  • Postgraduate opportunities

    Want to study with us: find out about upcoming research topics and what our current students are studying in this field.
  • Animal Ethics Committee

    The Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) ensures that all research and teaching at the University and by ‘parented’ organisations/persons is conducted in accordance with the University’s Code of Ethical Conduct for the Use of Animals (CEC) and Animal Welfare Act 1999.
  • Journals @ Lincoln

    The Lincoln University Journals @ Lincoln site has been established to provide staff and students with a place to publish open access journals online.
  • International student tuition refund policy

    A refund fee of NZ$500, including GST, will be charged to all international students who request a tuition fee refund as a result of a semester cancellation or withdrawal, or transferal to another educational institution, no later than 21 days after the first day of a full semester or five days after the start of English Language Programmes or Summer School.
  • Compulsory Insurance

    Under New Zealand law International Students must have and current medical and travel insurance for the duration of their planned period of ...
  • Lincoln University Centre for International Development

    The Lincoln University Centre for International Development (LUCID) conducts research and research-based consulting that advances international development.
  • Isaac Centre for Nature Conservation

    The Isaac Centre for Nature Conservation (ICNC) was established in 1999 to build on and focus the extensive skills and scholarship of Lincoln University staff for research, teaching and vocational training in nature conservation.
  • Energy technologies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions

    There are many proposed technical solutions for reducing green house gas (GHG) emissions. These solutions typically allow current energy demand patterns to continue. Such technologies are often in the research or prototype stage, but are often used in future projections that result in GHG reductions.
  • Other Projects

    Other Projects Ship ...
  • TRREC Projects

    Financial and Economic Yield in (Lincoln University) in partnership with the Tourism Industry Association of New Zealand and the Ministry of Tourism are undertaking a three year programme to develop tools to enhance the financial and economic yield from tourism.
  • Community involvement

    Community involvement LEaP researchers on editorial boards: ...
  • Privacy

    The collection, use, storage, disclosure and correction of personal information by the University is governed by The Privacy Act 1993.
  • Partnerships

    Partnerships are critically important to share, generate and disseminate knowledge.
  • Department of Financial and Business Systems

    The Department of Financial and Business Systems is responsible for the Bachelor of Commerce major in Accounting and Finance and is involved in the Bachelor of Commerce (Information Technology).
  • Department of Agribusiness and Markets

    The Department of Agribusiness and Markets (AgMk) prepares students for careers along the value chain with a focus on delivering land-based products and services to customers in both developed and developing countries.
  • Pastoral Support

    It doesn’t matter what religious faith you may have, or whether you have any religious faith at all, the University chaplains are there to lend an ear and provide guidance, help, or support for whatever you need.
  • Ethical Behaviour and Harassment

    Harassment is behaviour that threatens the safety or wellbeing of staff or students.
  • Bookshop

    Bookshop The Lincoln University Bookshop offers a range of retail services on campus.
  • Glossary

    Glossary Administration Committee University authority that administers the regulations on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor and the Academic Board. The AAC grants admission, confirms courses of study, awards credits, confirms grades and considers applications for special consideration..
  • Research and Community

    As New Zealand’s specialist land-based university, our focus is on our relationship with ‘land’ and land-use - and how that informs and impacts communities around the world.
  • Research and Career

    Lincoln University is a leading teaching and research institution, and one of New Zealand’s eight universities.
  • Prices, run times & submitting samples

    The Sequencing Facility is staffed between 9:30am and 2:30pm each day, with analysis runs commencing at 1:30pm.
  • Entry Requirements

    To enrol at Lincoln University you must be at least 16 years of age by 1st of January of the year in which you commence your study.
  • Research Projects

    Find out more about some of the dryland pastures research projects.
  • Bachelor Degree Admission Requirements

    The entrance requirements for students from other countries include: ...
  • ESD

    ESD ...
  • Telford Division

    Telford Division ...
  • Conference Committee

    View who is on the Committee.
  • LU Sport

    At Lincoln University we are proud of our sport.
  • Childcare

    Lincoln has two great childcare centres close to the University.
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