Campus Development Programme

Throughout the decade to 2028 our Campus Development Programme will deliver a suite of infrastructure assets that will position Lincoln to realise its vision to help shape a better future.

An overview of the Campus Development Programme

Watch our flagship science facility, Waimarie, take shape before your eyes

Programme overview

Lincoln University will offer students, staff and other stakeholders a spatially optimised campus with people at its heart, where world-leading academic and research pursuits thrive within an ecosystem of social wellbeing and environmental sustainability. 

Our new learning and research facilities will be vibrant and inspiring, promoting communication, collaboration and connection between students, staff and the wider community. 

Our social spaces will be welcoming and inclusive, and our redeveloped Whare Hākinakina | Lincoln University Gym will deliver modern and expansive exercise and wellness facilities where our entire campus whānau, along with the wider community, can work out, relax and play. 

Linking the campus’s indoor facilities to the outdoors will be a blend of native and exotic landscapes which will encourage interaction and collaboration while also showcasing Lincoln’s deep connection to the land. 

Above all, our enhanced campus will provide our people with a safe, vibrant and diverse environment where they will be inspired and empowered to grow their best future.

Recently completed projects

Waimarie: flagship science facility

Whare Hākinakina | Lincoln University Gym

Agricultural Sciences Building

Grounded: a new era in student experience

Union Lawn

Current projects

Landscape Masterplan

Ivey West and Memorial Hall redevelopment