Union Lawn

Paving pattern Wai Maori Wai Tai the intermingling of waters

Cultural paving patterns

This pattern - Wai Māori, Wai Tai - runs east to west, and represents the braided rivers of Canterbury.

Lighting 2

Lawn lighting

Lighting along the side of neighbouring Te Kete Ika illuminates the expansive event space and enhances wayfinding.

Fairy Lights 4 small

Enchanting ambience

Fairy lights strung through the native tree grove add to the festive atmosphere.

Throughout the latter part of the 20th Century Lincoln University’s Union Building was the centrepiece of student activity, and was beloved by students, staff and alumni. 

Badly damaged in the Canterbury earthquakes of 2010/11, the Union Building was demolished in 2020, leaving in its wake a new greenspace which was named Union Lawn. 

On 15 February 2021 a totally redeveloped and revamped Union Lawn was unveiled for the entire Lincoln whānau to enjoy. 

The new Union Lawn is a verdant and luxuriant central grassed expanse bordered by a pocket cabbage tree garden to the north, a native tree grove in the south-west corner and a stunning new cultural paved pathway running along the eastern edge. 

The revamped gathering space includes infrastructure to enable the staging of outdoor concerts and is illuminated by wayfinding lighting and a striking string of festive fairy lights through the native grove.