International Fees

International student fees depend on your programme of study.

A programme-based fee means that you pay the fees set for the first year of your enrolment. The same fee is maintained for the minimum period required to complete your programme.

The terms of a Student Visa require most international students to be studying at least three courses each semester.

However, if you are aiming to complete your qualification in the minimum amount of time, you may need to enrol in four courses per semester.

You are strongly encouraged to discuss your enrolment with Student Administration staff, or your course advisor/supervisor.

To be eligible for domestic tuition fees, you must be either a New Zealand citizen, a New Zealand permanent resident or an Australian citizen who is studying in New Zealand.

If you become a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident after the last day to enrol in a semester (as stated in the Calendar), you will be required to pay the full fee applicable to your residency status at that time. If you then submit official documentation to prove that your residency status has changed, your fees will be adjusted for subsequent semesters of study.


International PhD students are usually eligible for domestic fees. They must be living in New Zealand (apart from temporary absences for the purposes of approved doctoral research) to be classified as a domestic student and pay domestic tuition fees.

2024 Tuition Fees by programme

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