Landscape Masterplan


Placemaking: both a process and a philosophy

Our campus landscapes will exemplify our deep connection to the land.

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Pedestrians come first on our campus

Our campus is on a journey to become a vibrant and cohesive whole, reflecting our heritage, history and aspirations.

As Aotearoa-New Zealand’s specialist land-based university, Lincoln is deeply committed to its mission to educate and nurture our current and future generations of kaitiaki (guardians), equipping them with the skills, knowledge and inspiration to unlock the power of the land. 

Our campus landscapes must reflect our unique connection to the land, so a comprehensive and visionary landscape master plan has been developed for phased implementation. 

Our new landscapes will showcase a broad diversity of ecosystems, where inclusive exterior courtyards of native and exotic green spaces will contrast and complement the built environments. 

Our campus landscapes will: 

  • Provide environments to study, learn, demonstrate and educate. 
  • Encourage learning, collaboration and interaction between students, staff and the community. 
  • Demonstrate sustainability. 
  • Integrate cultural and historic values within spaces. 
  • Provide safe, well-lit environments at all times of day. 
  • Be universally accessible. 
  • Promote health and wellness by providing inclusive environments for diverse social activities and active movement. 

One of the first major Landscape Masterplan projects to be completed is our Union Lawn, unveiled in February 2021.