Grade Point Average (GPA)

Learn about what the Grade Point Average (GPA) represents and how this is calculated.

Your Grade Point Average (GPA) represents the average grade you have achieved across your courses. You can calculate your Grade Point Average (GPA) for a semester (TERM GPA) or cumulatively for all your courses (CUM GPA).

What is included in the Grade Point Average (GPA) calculations?

All grades from A+ to F, and the following special grades, are included in Grade Point Average calculations.

Information that is included in GPA calculations

Symbol Description
* Eligible to sit special examination.
A,# The letter A in front of a grade, or # after a mark, indicates that the result was determined following aegrotat assessment.
DNS Did Not Sit – counts as a fail grade. Use of DNS is discontinued from and including Semester 1, 2020.
F Fail.
FFT Failed Field Test. Counts as a fail grade.
NC Not Complete: This indicates that a prerequisite or a mandatory component of the course has not been completed. Outstanding work must be completed within 12 calendar months from the release of examination results otherwise a fail grade will be awarded.
NR No Recommendation following an aegrotat application.
P Pass. The P is equal to a C- grade.

Grades that are not included in GPA Calculations

Symbol Description
CC Course Complete. This grade is used for courses split over two semesters. The 'CC' grade indicates completion of part A and a grade will be received for part B. The CC does not count towards the GPA calculation. (The grade achieved for the second part of the course (part B) will be included in the GPA calculation).
CM Course Complete. Microcredential course completion.
CR Cross Credit. Credit awarded on the basis of prior learning.
EX Exemption. Exempt the requirement to pass the course.
IC Incomplete: This indicates that further assessment will be made before a grade is determined. Outstanding work must be completed by the date determined by the examiner or one calendar month from the release of examination results, after which a final grade will be awarded.
IP In Progress: This indicates that work is in progress.
MP Mark Pending. This indicates that work has been submitted for grading but that grading is not complete. No further action is required by the student.
NCP No Credit Permitted.
NRD No Recommendation During Disruption. Available for D, E and F grades.
PDD Pass During Disruption. Available for course grades C- through to A+
P* Pass (used for PhD thesis only).
RC Restricted Cross Credit. Restricted credit on the basis of prior learning. Counts as a restricted pass.
RP Result Pending. This indicates that work has been submitted for grading but that grading is not complete. No further action is required by the student.
SE Special Exam
TC Transfer Credit. Credit transferred on the basis of prior learning.
WDN Withdrawn within the allowable withdrawal period.

Lincoln University Grading Scale

Lincoln University uses a nine point scale to calculate the Grade Point Average (GPA). Each letter grade is assigned a numerical value, with A+ representing a value of '9' points and so on, as per the table below.

This applies to GPA calculations from 2009. If your transcript has courses completed prior to 2009, please contact to request a copy of the grading scale that applies for you.

Grade Mark Range Points
A+ 90-100 9
A 85-89 8
A- 80-84 7
B+ 75-79 6
B 70-74 5
B- 65-69 4
C+ 60-64 3
C 55-59 2
C- 50-54 1

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