The next step will be enrolling, once you have heard from the admissions team.

For full information on how to enrol, check out the LUCAS online enrolment guide

LUCAS Enrolment Guide

Complete your enrolment

We recommend that you start this process early to be ready for lectures. If the semester you are enrolling for is within the current year, you can enrol as soon as you have accepted your offer.

If you are enrolling for the following year, enrolment will open on 1 October in the preceding year.

This is an exciting step because it’s when you choose your courses for the upcoming semester. If you need help to make your decision, see your qualification for course plans and Course Advisor contact details. 

Here's how you complete your enrolment:


Need some help with enrolling?

Remember, we are here to help guide you through the process, so be sure to contact us for assistance.