We provide a range of outreach and teaching materials for senior secondary school students.


We hold on-farm workshops throughout the year, highlighting the importance of science to the primary sector. Our workshops are targeted at senior secondary school students, so content is student-centric and links in with their curriculum.   

Check out the available workshops and dates here. 

To register interest for attendance by your class, email Lauren Roberts at [email protected] with class numbers, your preferred date and an alternative date.

Note: Posters for each event, an outline of the day and a link to Google Docs showing availability of spaces. Current workshops are Year 11 Dairy Farming and Sustainability, Year 12 Pest Management, Year 12 Genetics and Year 13 Socio Scientific Issue: Nitrogen Leaching.


Teaching resources

Using current research and industry expertise, we’ve designed teaching materials for senior secondary school students. They cover a variety of topics that can be easily integrated into your learning programme.

Resources range from unit plans with classroom activities and teaching notes to student workbooks and New Zealand case studies. Click the link below to register and receive access to the Google Drive.

Register here.


Level 2 Pest Management Resources: Predator Free 2050 teaching unit with classroom activities and a Pest Management Student Workbook.  Recommended for science and geography students.  


Level 1 Dairy Farming, the Environment and Sustainability: Teaching unit with classroom activities. Recommended for agriculture, science and geography students.   


If you’d like to discuss lesson ideas, teaching materials, subject content or enlisting a guest speaker to attend your class, please contact Lauren Roberts at [email protected]