Make your scholarship application the best

Learn how to make your scholarship application truly special.

Success in applying for a scholarship is all about preparation and thoroughness. You need to convince our selection panels that supporting you financially will help prepare you to make a positive impact on the future of our world. 

Be organised 

Before you apply, run through all the important details and information required. Make a list of everything you need to prepare, together with who else you need to approach (school, kaumātua, sports coaches etc). 

Plan ahead 

Create a calendar leading up to the application closing date for the scholarship you are interested in. Make sure you give yourself time to prepare or obtain each element needed. Remember to include time for unforeseen delays (for example, one of your referees may be unavailable for a week). 

Double-check the criteria 

Check the eligibility criteria for the scholarship, not once but twice. Make sure you meet the requirements. 

Understand the scholarship you’re targeting 

As well as checking the basic criteria, look deeper into the scholarship you’re hoping to win. Which qualities is this particular scholarship is targeting? How do you best demonstrate potential that is specifically relevant to this? 

Tell your story – even the little details 

Let your personal qualities and character come through in your application alongside your academic achievements. Lincoln University aims to cultivate well-rounded students who will make a difference to the challenges the world is facing through their positive outlook, persistence and courage, alongside academic ability. 

Give your referees the time they need 

If you have to provide written references from individuals or organisations (like school, community groups or sporting bodies) leave enough time for them to prepare the best response. This may mean answering questions or allowing extra time to fit in with their busy schedules. 

Follow instructions 

Scholarship selection panels have many applications to consider. Keep to what is required and avoid including unnecessary information. Equally, don’t forget to include key details like your email address and contact phone numbers. If you’re not sure, ask us. 

Be tidy and thorough 

Your own scholarship application may be the only introduction and experience we have of you. So make a good impression, both with presentation and the quality of detail. 

Proof-read and sense-check 

Ask someone you trust, like a parent, teacher or lecturer to read through your scholarship application. Ask them to point out any mistakes or omissions, and suggest ways that it could be improved. 

Let your passion shine 

Above all, let us get to know what is most important to you about both the scholarship and studying at Lincoln University. We’re 100% dedicated to our purpose of enhancing people’s lives through their relationship with the land, food, fibre and ecosystems. We want to grow your potential to create a richer, healthier future. 

For full details about the range of scholarships on offer, check the Lincoln University scholarship database. 

For any general advice or assistance about scholarships, please contact our scholarships office at or call 0800 10 60 10 (within New Zealand only).