Department of Land Management and Systems

Specialise in disciplines such as agriculture, horticulture, property, forestry systems management and engineering.

Are you interested in management of the land? This department is the focal point for teaching, supervision and research in agricultural and horticultural systems management, agricultural engineering, forestry management, and rural and urban valuation, as well as property management.  

We develop excellence through enhanced engagement with the rural and urban sectors for the improvement, resilience and profitability of the land and its uses.   

Key themes for the department

We will provide you with an environment that fosters strategic thinking and leadership on the development of research to shed light on Primary Industry Systems. The scope of our research activity is focused on the economic, environmental and social aspects of sustainable farming systems linked to four major research themes. 

Theme 1: Economic systems and resilience 

This theme is the core of the discipline and reflects our ability to rigorously and accurately describe, design, analyse and compare whole farm systems and the ability of farmers and farm systems to be resilient. 

Theme 2: Farm extension, knowledge transfer and data driven farming 

This theme focuses on farmer learning and ways of improving managerial ability. It also covers provision and use of knowledge and data, and the available tools, to assist the farming community with analysis, planning and decision making. 

Theme 3: Ownership governance and succession 

There is an identified need for a better understanding of good governance of farm businesses, as both ownership and governance evolve through time. The focus of this theme includes management options for the different farm business structures, cooperation within the wider industry, and succession strategies. 

Theme 4: Regulatory and policy compliance 

In an increasingly globalised market place, agriculture as an industry needs to focus on both competitive commodity marketing and innovative marketing, partly through adding value. The focus of this theme is about developing the ability of the farming community to operate effectively and efficiently in an ever-changing regulatory and policy environment. 

We also focus on providing an environment that encourages excellence in research and consultation within the Property area. These outputs are related to the following themes. 

Theme 1: Building industry connection 

Our professional involvement in the urban and rural property industries sets us apart in the tertiary landscape of Aotearoa New Zealand. 

Theme 2: Property and economics  

This theme includes research on changing consumer and investment behaviour and its effect on the urban and rural property market to create vibrant communities and cities for residents and businesses.   

Theme 3: Property and sustainability 

This theme focuses on the sustainable use of farm and property businesses in a regulated environment.

Study programmes

We have a fantastic reputation in the sector and as a result, graduates from all levels are highly sought after. 

Our academic programmes include: 

The department also contributes to the Bachelor of Agriculture and Bachelor of Agricultural Science and supervises postgraduate research students in the areas of systems and property management. 

The Bachelor of Commerce (Agriculture and Professional Accounting) provides a pathway to meet the academic requirements for these professional accounting bodies: 

  • CPA (Certified Practising Accountants) Australia
  •  Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ)
  • Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). 

The Bachelor of Land and Property Management provides a pathway to internationally recognised professional bodies, including the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), Property Institute of New Zealand, and Valuers Registration Board. 

Our strategic imperatives

  • To produce high-quality, employable graduates through research-informed teaching. 
  • To conduct research that addresses issues of relevance to policy and practice, that challenges current thinking and questions prevailing assumptions. 
  • To maintain research collaborations and professional networks that influence industry strategy.  
  • To attract world-class researchers, teachers and students. 
  • To build the next generation of academics, rural professionals and practitioners. 

Our systems management team goals

  • To co-ordinate research and consultancy activities in areas relating to the management of land. 
  • To provide a focus and brand for outreach activities that seek to engage with professionals and organisations working in the primary industry sector. 
  • To review and develop the teaching curriculum in primary industry systems and related areas. 

Our property team goals

  • To bring industry-relevant knowledge into teaching to deliver work-ready graduates.  
  • To generate quality research for our changing economy. 
  • To have an ongoing engagement with industry and the wider community in property and related activity. 




Professor Alison Bailey - Head of Department

Faculty of Agribusiness and Commerce

+64 3 423 0226