Administration Fees

There are administration fees associated with various requests and applications

Academic Fees

Fee (NZ$ including GST)
Discretionary entrance, per application $60
Occasional enrolment, per course $50
Recount of final grade, per course $50
Reconsideration of final grade, per course $120
Partial waiver of assessment, per course $50
Cross credit, per submission $100

Examination Fees

Fee (NZ$ including GST)
Special examinations $250
English language proficiency test $75
English language proficiency test: re-sit $25
Examination centres outside Lincoln University $72
Examination for the degree of Doctor of Science, Doctor of Commerce or Doctor of Natural Resources


(2024 $2000)

General Fees

Fees (NZ$ including GST)
Certified Digital Academic transcript $30
Certified Digital Course of Study letters/confirmation of enrolment $30
Certified Digital Eligible to Graduate letters $30
Certified Digital confirmation of Graduation $30
Academic transcript (hard copy) $35
Course of Study letter (hard copy) (includes eligible to Graduate and Degree Conferred letters) $35
Copy of course outline, per course $10
Replacement of degree or diploma certificate $65
Replacement of student identity card $30
Return of examination script $30
Revocation of Qualification, per application $50

Withdrawal and Refund Fees

Fee (NZ$ including GST)
International withdrawal fee $1,000
Overseas refund administration fee $50
Domestic late withdrawal fee $200

Late Fees and Penalties

Fee (NZ$ including GST)
Fee for late subject enrolment and late subject change or addition, per subject $50
General late fee $50
Domestic late enrolment fee $100
International late enrolment fee $500


Disclaimer: While every effort is made to ensure the information is correct, Lincoln University reserves the right to make changes without notification.

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