Te Whare Wānaka o Aoraki Lincoln University is committed to being an exemplar of sustainable practices for the land-based sector and the ecoystems within it.

Our sustainability goals are twofold

Goal 1 - To lead and inspire through our education, research and demonstration

Goal 2 - To operate a sustainable campus where our current needs are met, while safeguarding the wellbeing of future generations.

Our commitment to being an exemplar of sustainability means:

  • Our distinctive, innovative and dedicated teaching will be directed toward improving the sustainability of the land-based sector in Aotearoa New Zealand and beyond
  • Our distinctive and world-leading research will champion sustainability and will be dedicated to improving sustainable practices in the land-based sector
  • Our farms are central to our commitment to demonstrate sustainable farming practices, share knowledge, lead innovation and showcase the application of solutions to global sustainability challenges
  • Our campus will be a world leader in operating sustainably.

Our sustainability commitment is guided by five principles

  1. The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) underpin everything we do at Lincoln University
  2. We will be sector leaders in sustainability through operating a sustainable campus and demonstrating sustainable practices to the world
  3. The University will self-fund the base costs (infrastructure and people) of operating a sustainable campus. A sustainability fund will be established to fund educational activities and initiatives
  4. Our campus will be carbon neutral by 2030 and carbon zero by 2050. Progress towards these targets will be tracked through the Toitū Envirocare carbon audit
  5. The values of Mātauraka Māori will be upheld throughout our sustainability journey.

Our Sustainability Policy states our vision and commitment to responding to global and local sustainability challenges. It also outlines the actions and governance processes to prepare our study programmes, business operations and students for a carbon zero future.

Our Sustainability Plan, co-created with staff and students, sets out our intention to being an exemplar of sustainable practices. A Sustainability Taskforce is responsible for the management of the plan, and reports through the Vice-Chancellor to the He Toki Tārai Committee of Council.


Sustainability on campus  

Sustainable Development Goals at LU
Toitū carbonreduce organisation certified


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