Managing your Study

When you study at Lincoln University, we want you to be successful both academically and in how the Lincoln experience grows you as a person

This page explains the tools and resources that help you manage, adjust or change various aspects of your study programme. 

Incorporate balance 

Life at Lincoln gets busy. Sometimes really busy! It’s vital that you learn to balance the aspects of your life on and off-campus in order to be successful. This includes social, academic, work and sport commitments. And getting the right amount of rest is just as important! 

Organise your time 

Make sure you understand when assignments and other study components need to be completed. Buy a wall calendar that you can display then update at the start of each week with highlighters. Then do your best to keep to your priorities. 

Ask for help and advice 

Talk to your fellow students about their strategies for both study and down time. If you need help or feel out of your depth with a study issue, chat to your lecturer first. They understand the pressures of study and juggling priorities. The Learning, Teaching and Library Team are also here to support you in cultivating your academic abilities. For more personal concerns and problems, our Chaplaincy Team are on-hand for confidential support.