Student Exchange

Broaden your horizons and study overseas for a semester or a year.

We are great believers in experience, so that’s why many of our courses have field studies attached to them. Industries and markets have global dimensions. Going abroad to further your studies will widen your perspective, so we fully support that. 

The Lincoln University Student Exchange Programme allows you to get that broad experience in a different environment. The programme lets you:

  • Study at any one of our partner institutions in Canada, Europe, USA or South America
  • Continue to pay only your Lincoln University fees (scholarships and Studylink are still available)
  • Credit your overseas courses back to your Lincoln degree – there’s no need to extend the length of your studies
  • Study overseas for one semester or an academic year
  • Meet people from a different culture and make new friends
  • See another part of the world without pausing your studies 
  • Study subjects in addition to those available at Lincoln and broaden your knowledge of a particular discipline.


While you are away, we want to make sure you’re are safe and sound, so you must have medical and travel insurance for the duration of your study.

Where can you study?

We have partner institutions all over the world that complement the course you are studying at Lincoln University.


University of Wollongong


University of Guelph


Copenhagen Business School

University of Copenhagen


Lahti University of Applied Sciences


École Nationale Supérieure Agronomique de Toulouse


Rhine Waal University of Applied Science

University of Giesenheim

University of Gottingen

University of Hohenheim


University of Brawijaya


University College Dublin



Wageningen University and Research


Norwegian University of Life Science


Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Umea University

United Kingdom

University of Reading

United States of America

Colorado State University

Oregon State University

Purdue University



University of Montevideo

How to apply

This is a once-in-a lifetime experience, a chance for you to grow and learn in a new and exciting setting. The first thing you should do is call in to Student Administration and see the Study Abroad and Exchange Administrator to discuss the available options. 

When to go

Students generally go overseas in their second year of a three-year programme, and should usually apply at least one semester in advance. However, applications are still considered if you want to apply for an exchange in your third year.

What grades do I need?

You will normally need a B-average. You also should be fit and healthy and a good ambassador for Lincoln University.

Sign-up dates

Complete the application form below (also available from Student Administration) by the following deadlines: 

  • 1 August for Exchange in Semester One 
  • 1 December for Exchange in Semester Two

To apply, please fill out the application form

For further information, please contact Julian Becker, International Manager