Anonymous Concerns Form - Students Only

If you are an enrolled Lincoln University student, use this form to raise an informal anonymous concern about behaviour you have witnessed or experienced.

Anonymous concerns submitted through this form will generally not be formally investigated by the University because to manage concerns in a transparent manner, an individual must be aware of the allegations and who has made them. However, concerns may be investigated in some situations, such as when illegal actions are involved.

No personal data is collected about you unless you provide identifiable information when completing this form. The information shared on this form is received and assessed by the University Privacy Officer and Student Experience Manager. When deemed appropriate, information will be shared with relevant areas of the University to assign methods of action to improve the wellbeing, safety and experiences of our students.

Q1. What happened? *

Q2. When did it happen? *

Q3. Where did it happen? *

Q4. Who was involved? *

Tell us who enacted the behaviour you experienced.

Q5. Have you raised this concern before?

Q6. How old are you?*

Q7 – Understanding more about the people who raise a concern can assist us to better understand the types of unacceptable behaviours different identities deal with.

Q8 – Is there is anything else you would like to share about the behaviour you experienced?