Passionate about the natural environment? Prepare to make a difference to some of the critical challenges facing our planet today.

As an environmental graduate, you’ll be in major demand with employers. There are many opportunities for well-paid careers in areas like policy development, planning and impact assessment. 

With more and more companies choosing to operate sustainably, increased environmental awareness and greener production have led to a greater number of employment opportunities in non-environmental industries. 

And as issues such as climate change capture the attention of the public, plenty of environmental management roles are also opening up. 

Throughout the world, we're facing an ever-widening range of serious problems including resource depletion, air and water pollution, and global warming. 

Decisions we make now will affect the quality of our lives on the planet, as well as economic, social and cultural development.

It’s time for us all to step up and make a difference. By studying with us, you can help grow a brighter, more sustainable future.


Ensuring environmental sustainability for future generations is an increasingly urgent global issue.

Our Programmes

We offer a wide selection of environment-focused study programmes, from a highly practical Diploma in Natural Resources to Bachelor's degrees that cover environmental management, planning and policy, conservation and ecology, as well as specialist postgraduate study and Masters options.

Whichever qualification you choose, it will equip you with the skills to guide the application of environmental principles and potentially pursue leadership roles where you can influence the creation of large-scale organisational environment and resource policy and protection.



Diploma in Natural Resources


Bachelor Degrees

Bachelor of Environmental Management

Bachelor of Science (Conservation and Ecology)

Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science)

Bachelor of Environmental Policy and Planning (Honours)

Bachelor of Commerce (Sustainability)

Bachelor of Sustainable Tourism

Additional Majors

If you're studying for a Lincoln University Bachelor’s degree, you may be able to include an additional major, which will add depth to your qualification.

Please speak to your course advisor to ensure that you enrol in the right courses for you.

We offer the following majors  
Accounting Global business
Economics Marketing
Environmental Management Parks and Outdoor Recreation
Events Management Supply Chain Management
Facilities Management Tourism Management
Finance Water Management


Postgraduate study

Bachelor of Environmental Management (Honours)

Graduate Certificate in Resource Studies

Graduate Diploma in Resource Studies

Postgraduate Certificate in Environmental Management

Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Management

Postgraduate Diploma in Water Resource Management

Taught Master's

Master of Environmental Policy and Management

Master of Planning

Master of Pest Management

Master of International Nature Conservation

Master of Parks Management

Research Master's

Master of International Nature Conservation

Master of Natural Resources Management and Ecological Engineering

Master of Water Resource Management

Master of Applied Science in Environmental Management



Doctor of Philosophy

Penny Environment

Meet Penny, who studied environment & society

Penny loved the versatility of her degree, as she could study many different subjects, like bioscience and sociology.

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Alice Docking 0931

Meet Alice, a current environment student

Alice is passionate about the environment and keen to make a real difference in society.

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