Student Services Fee

Lincoln University charges students a Compulsory Student Services Fee (CSSF) using a framework determined by CSSF Ministerial Direction.

This framework helps the University and the LU Students’ Association (LUSA) work together to set the fee and ensure access to appropriate student services. The ministerial directive determines the categories that can be covered by the fee. The Student Services Fee is not a membership fee of the Lincoln University Students’ Association (LUSA), but LUSA do provide some of the services on behalf of the University.

The Student Services Fee is reduced for students enrolled in the following programmes:

  • Regional Education
  • Master's and PhD students who have been granted permission to register on an external basis by the Academic Administration Committee in accordance with the house rules for external Master's and PhD students
  • One of the approved online programmes.

The Student Services Fee covers a range of services that our students have told us are important to them.

Consultation and services


Semester 2023 Fees (NZ$ including GST) 2024 Fees (NZ$ including GST)
Semester 1,2 or full Summer School; 30 credits or more  $440 (fewer than 30 credits -$220) $456.50 (fewer than 30 credits -$230)
November or January Summer School only  $130 $150
Research (full year) $880 $913
Off-campus (per year); 30 credits or more* $335 (less than 30 credits-$167) $354 (less than 30 credits-$180)
English Language (per week) $17.50 $18.10
Off-campus English Language (per week) $10 $10

*One of the approved online programmes.