Student Services Fee

Lincoln University charges students a Compulsory Student Services Fee (CSSF) using a framework determined by CSSF Ministerial Direction

This framework helps the University and the LU Students’ Association (LUSA) work together to set the fee and ensure access to appropriate student services. The ministerial directive determines the categories that can be covered by the fee. The Student Services Fee is not a membership fee of the Lincoln University Students’ Association (LUSA), but LUSA do provide some of the services on behalf of the University.

Students treated as Lincoln 'off-campus' for the Student Services Fee are defined as students enrolled in the following programmes and not currently enrolled in any on-campus courses:

  • Regional Education
  • Master's and PhD students who have been granted permission to register on an external basis by the Academic Administration Committee in accordance with the house rules for external Master's and PhD students
  • One of the approved online programmes.

Decision-making and Consultation

The Campus Service Council (CSC) is responsible for administering the decision-making process on the CSSF and the Student Services Fee and the services that are offered. It is made up of members of the LUSA and Te Awhioraki Executives that represent the students, and Lincoln University staff. The CSC is charged with monitoring and evaluating the services provided through the CSSF. The Terms of Reference for the Council can be found here.

Students are given the opportunity to provide feedback each year on how the fee is distributed across different services. Feedback is collected via written and verbal submission usually through hui and surveys. This student feedback informs the decision-making process and is always welcomed by the service-providers, LUSA and Lincoln University.

In March 2021, students are given the opportunity to provide feedback via a confidential survey. The findings of this survey are used to help the CSC determine the level of the fee and the scope of the services that should be provided in 2022.

The CSC are open to any suggestions of services that should be delivered and feedback on the current services that are provided. Involvement and feedback can be through any of the representatives on the Campus Service Council by contacting the LUSA President or the Chief Academic Officer.

Services provided

The student services fee allows us to offer some of the services below at no cost and some at a subsidised rate.

Service Details
Advocacy and legal advice LUSA have suitably experienced people who are available for advocacy and educational support.
Careers information, advice and guidance Lincoln University provides a careers and employment service to enhance the employability of Lincoln University students and graduates, and to manage relationships with employers and industry to facilitate the recruitment of students and graduates.
Counselling services and pastoral care Lincoln University is committed to ensure students can access support and guidance to help them cope with University life, manage relationships and stress. The University provides suitably qualified/experienced professionals accessible through Student Health and Support. LUSA also provides support and advice to students.
Employment information LUSA maintains Student Job Search (SJS) membership which is accessible to all Lincoln University students.
Financial support and advice LUSA administers a Financial Assistance Fund to assist students in need, and will provide students with information on where to go to access budgeting resources and advice. LUSA also offer a Childcare Subsidy in the two Lincoln University pre-school providers, which is administered through the Financial Assistance Fund.
Health services Lincoln University provides comprehensive health services including doctors, nurses and mental health professionals.
Media LUSA communicate with students via a range of media including the RAM magazine, social media and website, and will monitor and record all communications. They enable and encourage appropriate student contributions to relevant media.
Clubs and societies LUSA provide all LUSA affiliated clubs and societies with administration and facilities support and advice. They also administer a grant funding scheme for all LUSA affiliated clubs and societies. Club details can be found here.
Sports, recreation and cultural activities LUSA provide a range of events open to all students that contribute to a vibrant campus throughout the academic year. A modern and well equipped gym that accommodates a wide variety of sporting and recreation activities is provided through the LU Gym.


Semester 2023 Fees (NZ$ including GST)
Semester 1,2 or full Summer School; 30 credits or more  $440 (fewer than 30 credits -$220)
November or January Summer School only  $130
Research (full year) $880
Off-campus (per year); 30 credits or more* $335 (less than 30 credits-$167)
English Language (per week) $17.50
Off-campus English Language (per week) $10

*One of the approved online programmes.