We look to science to help us answer the questions that we don’t fully understand, and to unravel the challenging issues faced by people, businesses and society.

Our worldwide reputation for strong research capabilities will help you to develop your scientific skills to the highest level. 

Use science to explore real-world problems and find practical answers to the issues that affect us all.

When you join any of our science programmes, you begin a journey of discovery, following in the footsteps of hard-working, globally recognised scientists and teachers. Join the ranks of the people who will change our world for the better.

Take advantage of our hands-on learning and research options, and help to solve complex problems.

Food is key to our economy and a food science degree will make you highly employable, both in New Zealand and globally.

Our Programmes

All of our science programmes include plenty of opportunities for practical work experience, from team projects in the lab to individual assignments at private companies. This will give you first-hand knowledge and help you to develop the exact skills the industry is looking for, making you highly sought after.


Diploma in Applied Science


Bachelor Degrees

Bachelor of Agricultural Science

Bachelor of Science - Animal Science Major

Bachelor of Science - Conservation and Ecology Major

Bachelor of Science - Environmental Science Major

Bachelor of Science - Food Innovation Major

Bachelor of Science - Food Science Major

Bachelor of Science - Brewing and Fermentation Major

Bachelor of Science - Individual Major

Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology

Additional Majors

If you're studying for a Lincoln University Bachelor’s degree, you may be able to include an additional major, which will add depth to your qualification.

Please speak to your course advisor to ensure that you enrol in the right courses for you.

We offer the following majors  
Accounting Global business
Economics Marketing
Environmental Management Parks and Outdoor Recreation
Events Management Supply Chain Management
Facilities Management Tourism Management
Finance Water Management


Postgraduate Qualifications

Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Honours)

Bachelor of Science (Honours)

Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology (Honours)

Graduate Certificate in Applied Science

Graduate Diploma in Applied Science

Graduate Diploma in Brewing and Fermentation

Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Science

Postgraduate Diploma in Agricultural Science

Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Science


Taught Masters

Master of International Nature Conservation

Master of Pest Management

Master of Precision Agriculture

Master of Science in Food Innovation

Master of Wine and Viticulture


Research Masters

Master of Agricultural Science

Master of Horticultural Science

Master of International Nature Conservation

Master of Science



Doctor of Philosophy

William Soil Science

Meet Will, a leading science advisor

Will's studies involved finding innovative ways of reducing nitrate leaching and nitrous oxide emissions.

Link to student bio

Ishaku Molecular Genetics

Meet Ishaku, a PhD science graduate

Ishaku's PhD involved pioneering genome selection techniques for animal breeding in his native Nigeria.

Link to student bio

Anish Crop Science

Meet Anish, a PhD student

Anish is dedicated to improving the sustainability of crop production.

Link to student bio

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