Bachelor of Science (Brewing and Fermentation)

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    3 years full-time

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    Lincoln University Campus

The brewing and fermentation industries hold key positions in our food sector. They make a wide range of high-quality goods utilising the produce of the land-based sectors. This degree major will make you highly employable in the brewing and fermentation industries around the world.

This is a specialised degree whose graduates will be highly sought-after. The Major in Brewing and Fermentation, with its core of science fundamentals, will equip you with the knowledge and skills to design, produce and analyse a range of fermented products such as beer, cider, kombucha, yogurt, cheese, and to innovate new high quality products to meet the demands of existing and future consumers.

You will work alongside industry partners to develop a particular style of beer or fermented product to develop valuable hands-on skills, gain experience and learn production principles, and to be able to step into a brewing or fermentation role in industry, or in your own business.

How you’ll grow

  • Gain knowledge of the science and technology that underpin, maintain and enhance the quality of fermented products offerings and be able to innovate new high quality products 
  • Achieve a high level of technical skills and competence
  • Gain an awareness of the whole value chain of brewed and fermented products
  • Learn the skills and values to apply these attributes within the food and beverage production industries.

Career opportunities

Graduates in this Lincoln degree will have the opportunity to develop a meaningful, fulfilling career in areas such brewing, cheese-making, production of fermented foods and beverages including cider, kombucha, yogurt, kimchi, and kefir, in almost any country.

Upon successful completion of this degree programme, you will be awarded a Bachelor of Science with a Brewing and Fermentation major.

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Bachelor of Science (Brewing and Fermentation)

Bachelor of Science (Brewing and Fermentation)

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