Sport and Recreation

Create a career from something you love. Sport and recreation is a booming business in Aotearoa New Zealand, worth an estimated $5 billion.

Industry demand for skilled graduates is high and we offer more sport and recreation subjects than any other New Zealand university.

We also put a huge emphasis on practical experience, so you get to implement the theoretical knowledge you learn in class. That means you can come flying out the blocks when you start a job; you’ll be ready and well prepared. Businesses are well aware of the effectiveness of our programmes, which will place you in high demand.

Discover how we can prepare you for a fulfilling career in sport and recreation.

Our Programmes

Our sport and recreation programmes include plenty of opportunities for practical work experience, from team projects in the lab to individual assignments at private companies. This will give you first-hand knowledge and help you to develop the exact skills the industry is looking for, making you highly sought after.


Diploma in Applied Science


Bachelor Degrees

Bachelor of Sport and Recreation Management

Additional Majors

If you're studying for a Lincoln University Bachelor’s degree, you may be able to include an additional major, which will add depth to your qualification.

Please speak to your course advisor to ensure that you enrol in the right courses for you.

We offer the following majors  
Accounting Global business
Economics Marketing
Environmental Management Parks and Outdoor Recreation
Events Management Supply Chain Management
Facilities Management Tourism Management
Finance Water Management

Postgraduate Qualifications

Bachelor of Sport and Recreation Management (Honours)

Graduate Certificate in Recreation Management

Graduate Diploma in Recreation Management

Postgraduate Certificate in Parks, Recreation and Tourism

Postgraduate Diploma in Parks, Recreation and Tourism



Master of Sport and Recreation Management

Master of Parks Management



Doctor of Philosophy

Karla Sport and Recreation

Meet Karla, a sport and recreation enthusiast

Karla moved from Auckland to study our specialised sport and recreation degree.

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