Online Study

We offer a range of programmes that are delivered completely online.

Our online options help you to study and nurture your potential in a way that fits into your life. You can study in your own time, at home or in a location of your choosing, either full-time or part-time. 

Whichever you choose, you’ll still enjoy the Lincoln experience through our connected support services as we help you to explore and cultivate your potential. 

Which programmes are available online?

Studying online gives you the freedom to earn a world-class qualification in your own time, based on your own schedule.

Online Assessment Tool on Laptop Screen

Is online study right for you?

Before applying to study online, take our quick survey to see if it is right for you. The results will provide some basic information to help you apply for one of our online programmes.

Accessing your course content

You will access your course information through our online learning portal, Akoraka | Learn. 

The portal contains all the learning activities for each course. These include required readings, assignments and assessments, class materials and other important content. 

As soon as you enrol (assuming you’ve met all the necessary requirements), you’ll have complete access to Akoraka | Learn. 

Getting to know your lecturers and fellow students

Lincoln University is a whānau. You’re not simply one of our students; you’re part of our family. We’re just as interested in how you grow as a person as how you develop as a student. All the way through your online study, you will be able to engage with your lecturers and other students. 

Plus, each course integrates a range of collaborative activities, such as: 

  • Optional Zoom meetings 
  • Discussion forums and group activities
  • Online chat opportunities 

Support for online learning

When studying online with us, you have access to our student support services and resources. Please refer to our Student Support section for more information.

Specific details regarding online student support resources will be available in your Akoraka Learn course room once you are enrolled.