STAR Programme

Grow your opportunities with free online study at Lincoln University through the STAR Programme, learning about the global food system and land-based issues which affect us all.

If you are a secondary school student you can make an early start on your journey towards gaining a highly sought after qualification and a future in the thriving food and fibre, and environmental sectors. 

STAR (Secondary Tertiary Alignment Resource) allows you to enrol in first year degree-level courses while in Year 12 or 13.

Learn about the global food system, sustainability and the land based issues which affect us all, studying online at a higher level in a supported learning environment, with regular tutorials.


There are no fees associated with STAR courses.

Courses you can study online, from your school or home

  • MGMT 106-Global Food Systems Learn how food systems work in a
    global context, and begin your journey to further study in agribusiness. Starts in February (Semester 1).
  • LINC 101-Land, People and Economies Discover the land based issues in society which affect us all, including the major drivers of land use change and their biophysical, ecological, social,
    economic and cultural implications. Starts in February (Semester 1).
  • ECOL103 Ecology I: New Zealand Ecology and Conservation Delve into the sciences of ecology and conservation biology, looking primarily at Aotearoa-New Zealand ecosystems and their plants, animals and fungi. Starts in July (Semester 2)


Credits go to your first-year courses

Upon successfully finishing the course you will be provided with a letter of completion and these courses maybe credited to your chosen degree, if eligible, once you gain University Entrance.

Funding is available for top students

If you earn an A grade and go on to enrol in a Lincoln University degree you could receive funding towards your first full year of study.


Start your Lincoln journey with the STAR Programme by contacting:

Dorota Brodala (Dot)

STAR Programme Coordinator