Food, Wine and Beer

Wherever you go in the world, food, wine and beer take centre stage in people's lives. Join this exciting industry to help shape society's eating and drinking habits.

Methods for producing, marketing and consuming food, wine and beer are changing all the time. As a result, the industry is constantly evolving and always seeking passionate, knowledgeable professionals in every field.

Whether you’re interested in food science (which gives you the tools to develop and innovate safe, novel products for the food and beverage sector) or agribusiness (where your focus is on balancing the world’s demands for high-quality food with sustainable production), you will be in the best of hands.

Lincoln is well-placed to help you realise your ambitions. We offer expertise in every area and our lecturers have helped to build the Aotearoa New Zealand wine industry.

Tackle the big issues in the growing agri-foods industry.

Food is key to our economy and a food science degree will make you highly employable, both in New Zealand and globally.

Interested in a wine and viticulture career? You couldn't pick a better place to get started than Lincoln University.

Our Programmes

We offer a wide selection of food, wine and beer study programmes, all including plenty of opportunities for practical work experience, from team projects in the lab to individual assignments at private companies.

This will give you first-hand knowledge and help you to develop the exact skills the industry is looking for, making you highly sought after.

Bachelor's Degrees

Bachelor of Agribusiness & Food Marketing

Bachelor of Science - Food Innovation Major

Bachelor of Science - Food Science Major

Bachelor of Science - Brewing and Fermentation Major

Bachelor of Viticulture & Oenology

Additional Majors

If you're studying for a Lincoln University Bachelor’s degree, you may be able to include an additional major, which will add depth to your qualification.

Please speak to your course advisor to ensure that you enrol in the right courses for you. 

We offer the following majors  
Accounting Global business
Economics Marketing
Environmental Management Parks and Outdoor Recreation
Events Management Supply Chain Management
Facilities Management Tourism Management
Finance Water Management


Postgraduate Options

Bachelor of Viticulture & Oenology (Honours)

Graduate Diploma in Brewing and Fermentation

Graduate Diploma in Viticulture & Oenology


Master's Degrees

Master of Wine and Viticulture

Master of Science in Food Innovation 


Doctor of Philosophy

Ellen Food Marketing

Meet Ellen, a food marketing graduate

Ellen's studies gave her the skills to meet increasing demands for high-quality food products.

Link to student bio

Sofia Food Science

Meet Sofia, who studied food science

Sofia is especially keen to pursue food innovation and making new products.

Link to student bio

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