COVID-19 Vaccination FAQs

What has been decided?

Lincoln University has decided to introduce mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations as a requirement for all students, staff, contractors, tenants and visitors to access campus, including all other university-owned farms and properties, from 14 February 2022.

This has been a carefully deliberated decision taken by the Senior Leadership Team and Council and reflects the University’s firm belief that the health and safety of our community come first.

It is underpinned by a detailed risk assessment and consultation with students, staff, contractors and tenants, which had the support of a majority of the Lincoln community. 

Requiring vaccination for campus access is a significant step for the University towards maintaining a safe environment for students and staff to learn, teach and work in, and provides a balanced measure of certainty that we can remain open regardless of the level of the COVID-19 Protection Framework (traffic light system).

From when?

From 14 February 2022, students, staff, contractors, tenants and visitors who intend on coming to campus must be fully vaccinated, or have a government exemption, and hold a valid My Vaccine Pass. 

The decision will be reviewed in six months, on 1 June 2022.

Being fully vaccinated not only offers protection from the harmful effects of the virus but also enables students and staff to participate in on-campus activities. Being on campus is such an important part of the student university experience.  We aim to ensure students have access to the exceptional on-campus experience and high-quality education they have come to expect from Lincoln University in a safe environment. 

It also reassures staff of far less disruption in not having to move in and out of the Red traffic light setting and potentially alleviates some of the associated workloads.

Choosing to be vaccinated is very much a personal choice. We are aware that for some people this might not be the easiest choice to make. Lincoln University is committed to supporting both vaccinated and unvaccinated staff and students and will be working closely on an individual basis leading up to 14 February 2022 to ensure the best study, work and research outcomes are achieved.

Support for students

A process to verify vaccine passes is being worked through by the University and will be confirmed closer to 14 February 2022. 

We understand that some students may not hold a My Vaccine Pass and will be concerned about what this means for their course choices, academic progress, qualification completion and access to campus.

To help guide students we have assigned a COVID Student Experience Team (CSET) to coordinate and ensure your questions, concerns and needs are addressed in a fair, timely and personalised manner. 

If you are worried about what this means for you next year, we encourage you to contact a CSET advisor via email at:

Please provide your Student ID (if known), full name, programme of study and detail of your concern.

 What happens next?

  • A COVID Student Experience Team (CSET) advisor will be assigned to communicate with you and help to assess and offer solutions to meet your concerns. They will respond to your email within 24 hours, Mon-Fri, 8.30 am -4.30 pm
  • At the start, you will be asked if you have any concerns around confidentiality that should be considered before we establish the best approach to supporting your needs
  • Your advisor will be there to support you throughout the entire process
  • If your concern requires input from another area of the University, your assigned CSET advisor will take responsibility for sourcing the response or refer you to another staff member who can assist
  • If your concern relates to course selection and qualification completion, your concern will be referred to an Academic Programme Manager for appropriate guidance
  • If you have asked for your information to be kept confidential, information will not be shared outside of CSET without your permission


Frequently asked questions

A set of frequently asked questions, see below,  has been created to help answer any questions you may have. This includes links to reliable sources of information and access to support. This is a working document that will be added to as more information comes to hand and further decisions are made.

General FAQs

For students

For staff