LU Student COVID-19 notification form




Complete and submit the COVID-19 notification form. 


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We're here to support you

To enable the University to provide the welfare support needed while self-isolating, students are required to complete and submit a COVID-19 Notification Form if:

  • Testing positive for COVID-19    or
  • Isolating to support household members   or
  • Having symptoms 

Welfare support is available for all students who are self-isolating whether they stay on or off campus. 

All information collected is confidential and will only be used for the purpose of providing welfare support.

More information on the University’s protection of the privacy of personal information is available here

Even if you have not been deemed a contact if you do become unwell or develop COVID-19 symptoms you are advised to get a test. Please phone your GP, Student Health or Healthline on 0800 358 5453 to arrange this.

A positive case or household contact can also be reported through the SAFELU app.

Why has the system been implemented? 

A campus-based COVID-19 Reporting process has been initiated to further optimise the safety of our campus environment and help slow down the transmission of the virus.

The process is in addition to the existing safety and preventative measures already in place, including:

  • Mask wearing is strongly encouraged indoors
  • Ensuring a physical distance from others is maintained where possible
  • Encouragement of good hygiene practices
  • Keeping windows and doors open where possible to create natural ventilation
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces
  • The implementation of University business continuity plans across faculties, business units and services areas.

How the process works

The process has been based on the MoE and MoH guidelines for managing COVID-19 in tertiary settings and begins with the University receiving notification of a positive case on campus. This enables the University to provide the welfare support needed for students and staff who are self-isolating.