Research Student Information

Lincoln University recognises that research students are amongst our most important research colleagues, and many of you will be facing uncertain times responding to COVID-19

Researcher Information

We know that many students continue to experience a range of challenges due to COVID-19, often making both the setting and achieving of research goals to be unusually difficult.

As a researcher, if you are concerned about what this means for your research, including your 6-monthly reporting, be assured that we will continue to apply a compassionate approach.

We have adopted a case-by-case approach to determine how the University can best serve you in these difficult times. This means that it is important for students and supervisors to discuss the implication of the restrictions around COVID-19 in terms of research plans, data collection, fieldwork and laboratory experimentation (to name a few scenarios).

So please continue to talk to your supervisor, postgraduate administrator, PG Chair or other postgraduate contacts within your faculty.

Keeping informed

Lincoln University is providing regular updates to staff and students via the web, SAFELU, social media, LU email and through the faculties and research centres.

The information on the Lincoln University COVID-19 page is important to read and understand the University’s overall response to COVID-19. In addition, the advice below is relevant to students who are conducting research as part of their PhD, Master of Science or other research-intensive courses such as a Postgraduate Diploma or an Honours degree.

Research under the different Alert Levels

The University follows the Ministry of Education’s guidelines for Tertiary Education Organisations on operating under the COIVID-19 Protection Framework. 

Library support

The Library have online services available while off-campus. This includes the ability to search databases and also the use of relevant programmes for analysis and interpretation of data.

Financial and technology assistance

Level changes can put unexpected, additional demands on student financial circumstances. It’s important to let us know if COVID-19 has impacted your financial situation and is preventing you from doing things like connecting with your loved ones, eating well, researching or studying to the best of your abilities.

There is a Financial Assistance Fund managed by the LU Students’ Association that supports eligible students with a range of needs to ensure you can maintain an acceptable standard of student researcher’s life. If you are unsure if you qualify for financial help, we encourage you to contact LUSA.

Contact Kate Lindsay, LUSA Advocacy and Voice if you would like to discuss your financial circumstances in confidence. Phone 03 423 0582 or email

Technology support

Research requires access to a computer with hardware and a reliable internet connection (a computer that can stream a video without interruption is a good test). If you do not have access to reliable technology and your learning is being affected, there are usually ways we can help.

The steps to take:

If you’re unsure if you are eligible for support, please contact us anyway. We want to help you.

Student Health remains open and available to help students

Please phone Student Health on 03 325 3835 if you need medical care. They will first arrange for a nurse to call you back to discuss your needs, then arrange a consult either by phone or video call.

They can advise you on COVID testing and vaccinations as well. You can also contact the NZ COVID Healthline on 0800 358 5453 for advice.

If you would like to talk through your situation, your LU whānau is here to support you. It’s okay to need support.

 Here are some other people who can help:

Students planning to start research at Lincoln University

Due to COVID-19 entry to New Zealand is strictly controlled. Information can be found here.

As a result, prospective PhD or Master of Science students will not be able to travel to New Zealand until the current restrictions are lifted. More information regarding how these restrictions are affecting students can be found on the Immigration New Zealand website.

If you have your visa and we are unable to physically accept incoming students, you should discuss a possible remote start with your supervisor. This is more feasible in some disciplines than others. International candidates can be based overseas for up to 12 months (including any time for fieldwork), without incurring international fees.

Students who had intended to start their research work are encouraged to contact their prospective supervisor and discuss potential arrangements for delaying the start of their degree programmes.

There may be an opportunity to start your studies remotely, without physically coming to Lincoln University. However, you will need to ask your supervisor to contact the postgraduate admission team to explore if this possibility is feasible in the current circumstances, and what processes need to be applied to facilitate this exception to remote working.

Research student FAQs around COVID-19

Email with all enquiries, concerns or travel plans

Email us