Penny Grigg, Bachelor of Environment and Society

Originally from Blenheim, Penny has always wanted to study at Lincoln University

“Coming from a small town, I thought it seemed like it had a really homey feel and a nice image,” she says. “I’m from a rural background anyway, so I didn’t see myself anywhere else.”

Penny is studying for a Bachelor of Environment and Society, which is a flexible degree that offers a range of diverse perspectives on global, social and environmental challenges.

“I looked at all the agriculture papers and the degree I chose is versatile, meaning I can take a lot of different papers such as bioscience and sociology, so it’s a good mix of subjects.

“I especially enjoy lab work and hands-on activities.”

She also appreciates the social nature of Lincoln, citing the many events organised throughout the year as standouts on her calendar.

“I really like the campus as it has a nice feel and you really get to know everyone. The staff are helpful and you get lots of one-on-one time with lecturers,” she says.

After completing her degree, Penny hopes to work in the agricultural sector, either on-farm or as an advisor.

“I’m sure the great range of courses available to me will really help me to get there,” she says.