Anish Shah, PhD

Anish is preparing to become a leading scientist in New Zealand, dedicated to improving the sustainability of crop production.

The PhD student from Mombasa, Kenya, has a long-standing passion for science and research.

He came to Lincoln on a scholarship to learn from renowned scientists and looked forward to the possibility of working on a rewarding project.

“My PhD research is very exciting, with real-world applicability,” he says.

“I’m working on the microbial ecology of rhizobia, which will eventually help pasture production in New Zealand.”

Anish is delighted with the Lincoln PhD programme and says he has picked up a lot of knowledge and new skills during the process.

“The PhD process itself has moulded me into a better person,” he says. “I have to know myself better. It is the first major step for my science career progression.”

He also has high praise for the help he has received at Lincoln.

“The support from my supervisors has been incredible.”

An abiding memory for him as a Lincoln student will be the friendliness he has encountered, as well as the happiness exhibited by his fellow students when they achieve their goals.

“Moments when friends have submitted their PhD theses and then again after they successfully defended their PhDs are joyous occasions that leave a lasting impression.”