Ishaku Lemu Haruna, PhD

Ishaku has a lofty life goal in mind. He wants to pioneer genome selection techniques for animal breeding in his native Nigeria

And he’s already well on the way to realising his dream, given that the ultimate goal of his Lincoln University PhD is to identify gene markers for improved animal breeding.

“I chose the course I’m studying because it involves improving the efficiency of animal production systems, especially in the developing world, where traditional breeding techniques based on the physical appearance of animals are still being practised,” he says.

“With the skills, knowledge and experience I am currently exposed to, I hope to be one of the pioneers of animal breeding via genomic selection in Nigeria. I’m looking forward to going overseas soon for an international conference in animal genetics, which will help to enhance my research.”

Ishaku gained his PhD in 2020 and is aiming to become a professor in his discipline in the next eight years.

He chose to study at Lincoln because he was attracted by the course offerings, as well as the university’s small size and location. 

“I especially enjoyed practical and lab work, and Lincoln’s state-of-the-art facilities are amazing. The lecturers are welcoming and have an open door policy, which makes learning easier and takes the pressure off.

“Academically, Lincoln has helped with my lab skill confidence and socially, the networks I have formed will help a lot with my career progress.”

Ishaku says Lincoln’s campus activities are inclusive and welcoming.

“It’s great that Lincoln provides warm clothing for new students, especially international students coming to New Zealand for the first time,” he says.

“I felt welcomed, as though someone had thought of me even before I arrived.”