Keren Segal, Master of Tourism Management

Keren, originally from a rural area in the north of Israel, is loving her experience in New Zealand so far as she learns more about other cultures and perfects her English skills

She came to Lincoln to learn about tourism from some of the world’s leading lecturers, having already chalked up a bit of industry experience back home.

“My husband and I worked in the tourism sector in our Israeli community and I decided I wanted to broaden my knowledge,” she says.

As a mature student, Keren was also keen to step out of her comfort zone and move in a new direction.

“At the age of 43, I felt it was time to make a change in life and keep on growing, as well as add to the growth of my two children by giving them the chance to experience a different culture and learn a second language.”

Keren has decided to dedicate her working life to tourism, as she feels passionate about the industry and says that Lincoln’s Master of Tourism Management is giving her all the skills she needs.

“I also wanted to come to Lincoln because I was attracted to the small size of the university, since I come from a small community.

“It’s a wonderful place.”

When she’s not studying, Keren really enjoys travelling, hiking and experiencing different cultures, so New Zealand is the perfect playground for her.

She has also vastly improved her ability to write, speak and read in English since she’s been here, thanks to valuable help from Lincoln’s Library Teaching and Learning staff members.

“Lincoln University has changed my life,” she says.