Sofia Echeuerria Portillo , Bachelor of Science (Food Science)

Sofia came all the way from Mexico to study at Lincoln University

The food science student looked at programmes all over the world, but ultimately chose Lincoln’s Bachelor of Science (Food Science), due to the university’s solid reputation and her desire to live in beautiful New Zealand.

“I really liked the look of life in New Zealand and I was impressed with the sound of the food science degree at Lincoln,” she says.

Hailing from the buzzing metropolis of Mexico City, Sofia describes Lincoln as “a really calm place”.

“It’s so relaxing here. I love it. It’s such a contrast from the big, bustling city that I come from. The people are great and it’s amazing to be able to make friends from all over the world.”

Sofia has always been interested in the Mexican food industry and is especially keen to pursue food innovation and making new products.

“I want to work towards a career in food processing,” she says.

Her degree prepares students to be drivers of the economy of the future, giving them the scientific and personal skills to make them highly employable all over the world.

Guest speakers from the food industry mean that the students are able to meet potential employers as soon as they begin studying.

Sofia is impressed with the variety of opportunities she’s been given at Lincoln, including the chance to meet new people and travel with them during her holidays, join campus clubs (such as the tramping and Latin clubs), and plan for a fulfilling career.

“I’m really enjoying the whole experience of being in a new country by myself and I loved living in the Halls of Residence on campus,” she says. “Lincoln is helping me to grow in so many ways.”