Anna French, Bachelor of Commerce

Anna is on a mission to influence others to pursue sustainability in their organisations, cultures and countries.

“I hope to engage in large-scale international business and aid others to better implement sustainable business practices,” she says.

The recent Bachelor of Commerce graduate, who majored in Supply Chain Management and Global Business, has a passion for business.

“I was aware that with globalisation comes a greater need for supply chain management and felt that this major would open up a large range of doors.

“I truly love Lincoln’s motto of ‘Grow’. In so many ways, Lincoln helped me to grow to a point where I felt ready to move on, knowing I had learned and gained as much as I could from my experiences over my three years there.”

At Lincoln, she felt comfortable yet challenged, in an environment that brings together a diverse range of people studying many different disciplines.

She says that Lincoln felt like home to her before she even started her study and she formed some amazing friendships.  

“The experience taught me that relationships are the most valuable asset you can have, as there is always something to learn from every individual that you meet.”

She describes her former lecturers as “absolutely brilliant” and says they played significant roles in facilitating her growth. 

“I had never felt so much support as an individual for my education and professional career and I will forever be grateful for this. I have respect and faith in their ability to continue educating the coming generations in a way that will generate positive and sustainable change on a mass scale.”

Anna was heavily involved in campus life, taking part in a number of clubs.

“I am truly grateful for my time at Lincoln and am proud to say that Lincoln has helped to shape me into the person I am today,” she says.