Corey Annandale, Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture graduate Corey has a global view of where his degree might take him.

“It will open up heaps of opportunities for me, not only in New Zealand but around the world, as sustainable design is becoming a strong, positive global trend,” he says.

Since completing his degree in 2019, he’s been working as a landscape architect at Second Nature Gardens Ltd in Auckland.

“Studying at Lincoln was ideal because there’s so much to do in the South Island and it was right on our doorstep,” he says.

During his studies, Corey especially enjoyed design projects, “because it was when we got to be our most creative”. He’s also a keen sportsman, having played in the successful Lincoln University basketball team.

“We often did quite well in the University Games, winning in 2016 and making the finals in 2017 and 2018.”

In terms of university facilities, he was impressed by the fact that everything he needed was available on campus.

“There are two really nice cafes, a warm library with heaps of desks and computers, and a Rec Centre, which has a basketball court, a gym and helpful fitness trainers.”

He intends to continue working in the landscape design field to gain experience, then one day he’d like to start his own business.

His Lincoln experience really improved his ability to work with a diverse range of people. He became part of a very close group of classmates throughout the four years of his degree.

“I also met heaps of different people from all around the country in the halls,” he says. “It now seems as if I know someone from every corner of New Zealand.”