Yuqing He, PhD

Yuqing is strongly committed to the study of landscape architecture

“It’s an expansive and exciting field that I would love to delicate my whole life to,” she says. “I chose Lincoln University because both my family and I love the peaceful, natural environment in New Zealand and we all believe it’s a perfect setting for study and research.”

Yuqing started on a foundation course at Lincoln after coming to New Zealand from China.

“Then I decided to take on the challenge of studying landscape architecture. I heard that the Lincoln programme is one of the best in the world.”

She progressed through Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, then kept on going, strongly motivated by her enjoyment of the subject.

“I got straight onto a PhD because I love the thinking and analysis part of design and I love teaching,” she says. “I enjoy conquering problems. I slowly learnt to be an independent researcher, be organised and responsible for my own work, and to share my work with colleagues and build connections.

“Apart from my study, I am also an international tutor, helping international students handle our learning environment and establish good learning habits.”

Yuqing says she has started many initiatives and created opportunities for the students to adapt and learn more.

“I am actually more confident after being a tutor, seeing how much I’ve been through and what I could achieve in the future.”

Her ultimate goal is to teach at Lincoln, with the aim of being an excellent lecturer, a passionate researcher, and a lifelong learner.

She certainly has good role models in the School of Landscape Architecture.

“I love all our lecturers and staff,” she says. “They are so nice and willing to provide me with all the help they can. They not only teach me knowledge but also encourage me in a spiritual way that makes me want to be one of them, really.”