PLPT 613

Plant Pathology

Course overview

You’ll examine microbial agents that cause plant disease, take an in-depth study of fungi, bacteria and other pathogens and their interactions with host plants and the environment.

Course information

Credits 20
Domestic fees $1,305.00

What you will learn

After successfully completing this course, you’ll be able to:

  1. Describe the detailed disease cycle and epidemiology of an aerial and soil-borne disease, and the mechanisms involved in pathogen-plant interactions during the infection process.
  2. Be able to describe factors that contribute to the success or failure of infection by foliar or soil-borne pathogens.
  3. Understand key factors in the success or failure of infection by a pathogen.
  4. Appreciate the complexity of the interaction between pathogen and plants.

Course examiners

Seona Casonato

Dr Seona Casonato

Senior Lecturer

Department of Pest Management and Conservation

[email protected]