Student Voice

We'll do all that we can to ensure your uni experience is positive and you achieve success through your study. We also like to involve students in our initiatives to improve life on campus.

Student Experience Board

The Student Experience Board advocates for your needs as a Lincoln student. There is equal representation from LUSA (the Lincoln University Students’ Association), students and staff. The board is co-chaired by the LUSA President and a senior manager. 

Student Rep system

The Student Rep System is run by LUSA. Every semester, students from each course elect at least one student to represent the group. If you are chosen to carry out this role, you'll work alongside LUSA, the faculty deans and lecturers to provide feedback and suggestions for improvements to the course experience. 

The Flock

The Flock is a student voice community that provides feedback to the university, either informally or through workshops. LUSA and the Customer Experience Manager collaborate to develop student voice initiatives. 

LU Students' Association

LUSA are independent from the university, and offer impartial advice and support. They look after your student rights and make sure that Lincoln University does the same.

Their mission is to ensure 
you have a quality experience through representation, support and activities. Each year, students elect their executive team, which includes the LUSA President. Find out more about LUSA here

Te Awhioraki Māori Students' Association

Te Awhioraki support a quality university experience for all Māori students through representation, services and extracurricular activities. They also arrange social events, wananga and workshops to support Māori identity.  

Te Awhioraki are led by an executive team who do a lot of mahi on behalf of tauira Māori. The Tumuaki also sits on the LUSA executive team. 

Everybody, including Māori and non-Māori, is welcome at Te Whare. Find out more about Te Awhioraki here.