Food science satisfies appetite for applied degree

18 May 2022 | News

Doreen Prasad wanted to pursue a degree that she could get her teeth into, so she switched to studying food science at Lincoln University.

"I always had an interest in science from when I was in primary school, and I took biology, chemistry, and physics in high school," she said. "After thinking about where my passion in science could lead me, I enrolled in a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in biochemistry and biology. 

"However, as I progressed through, I realised that I wanted to do something a bit more applied with my science knowledge and ended up becoming very interested in Lincoln University’s Bachelor of Science (Food Science) programme."

She chewed it over and made the change to Lincoln in Semester 2 last year, cross-crediting her previous study towards her new degree, and has not looked back.

"Upon moving to Lincoln, I instantly saw how small, close, and friendly everyone was here, when compared to a larger university, where contact between undergraduate students and professors can be minimal.

"The professors at Lincoln are committed to knowing their students by name and extend themselves to help, give feedback, and interact with their students as much as possible.

"Within what is now a semester-and-a-half at Lincoln, I have built strong relationships with others taking my degree, and also with my professors, who are all very helpful and truly care about the success of their students."

Doreen said she also valued Lincoln’s commitment to finding work experience for students before they graduated.

"Through the Lincoln careers website, I was informed about several internships and was very fortunate to be offered the opportunity to intern at AgResearch."

She gained invaluable industry experience and was able to network with other interns, and with leaders in the agricultural science field.

"I would whole-heartedly recommend Lincoln as a fantastic university to anyone looking to further their career in any of the degrees that they offer."

  • The Bachelor of Science (Food Science) layers practical and theoretical understanding of food composition and processing, nutrition, safety, sensory evaluation and essential consumer-focused product innovation upon a solid grounding across the basic sciences.