Guiding girls towards land-based careers

01 October 2021 | News

Lincoln University has teamed up with GirlGuiding NZ to launch a badge that will allow girls to explore an exciting range of land-based study paths.

Called Growing The Future – Whakatipu ngā kākano o Āpōpō, which translates into 'grow the seeds of tomorrow', the badge has a science, agritech, agriculture and environmental theme.

It will offer girls the chance to discover the broad range of career options in the food and fibre industries by taking part in hands-on activities that encourage them to get outdoors and advocate for the environment.

The activities cover many of Lincoln’s areas of specialisation and include topics such as natural and synthetic fibres, sustainable farming, food marketing, landscape design, pest management, soil science, food science and horticulture. They also encompass Māori approaches to the guardianship and protection of land.

The partnership came about following a GirlGuiding NZ survey that indicated a high interest from girls in the areas of agriculture, science, animals and the environment.

It also aims to address a demand for more female leadership in the food and fibre industries.

Lincoln University Domestic Engagement Manager Jaime Shone says the badge promotes higher education and encourages curiosity and inquisitiveness amongst young people.

"We are so excited about partnering with GirlGuiding NZ to launch this badge," she says. "It offers a wonderful opportunity to inspire the girls with our land-based expertise and help to grow the next generation of female innovators and leaders."

Girls will get the opportunity to investigate career possibilities in the food and fibre sectors.

The badge will offer opportunities to get into the outdoors and learn leadership and advocacy skills.