Harriet on a mission to raise endometriosis awareness

01 December 2022 | News

Alumna Harriet Watson is putting in a marathon effort to raise awareness of endometriosis and normalise talking about period problems.

On Friday 2 December she will be begin an eight-day mission to run the Heaphy, Old Ghost Road and Paparoa tracks and bike the parts in between, totalling 650km from Farewell Spit to Ross to raise funds to help people access support from EndometriosisNZ, which she benefited from herself.

Harriet, who graduated from Lincoln in 2020 with a Bachelor of Agribusiness and Food Marketing, has also helped her fellow endometriosis sufferers in the past.

"To give back to the ENZ charity, and to challenge myself, in 2020 I set myself the goal of kayaking 100km in one day to raise funds," she said. "The challenge was a big one, but $4305 later, I more than doubled my own expectations, both in fundraising and in paddling. Now I have set myself an even bigger challenge.

"This project scares the living daylights out of me, but that is exactly what motivates me."

Read more about Harriet here and support her via her fundraising page here.