Horticulture partnership allows students to grow career prospects

08 December 2021 | News

A long established relationship between Lincoln University and Fruition Horticulture allows horticulture workers in Nelson and the Bay of Plenty to grow their career prospects while they work.

Applications are now open for the Regional Diploma in Horticulture, a two-year part-time study programme that covers horticultural technology, production, and management, as well as applied computing and problem-solving.

The diploma involves receiving a combination of online and face-to-face learning, remotely with Lincoln University and in person with Fruition Horticulture.

Fruition is a team of tertiary-qualified crop specialists and consultants who apply on-orchard solutions for the country’s horticultural producers.

Students will learn about the entire value chain, attend classes led by horticultural industry experts, and learn with others from their region in interactive and practical classes.

Working in the fast-paced, rapidly growing horticultural sector offers global opportunities, excellent income potential and career longevity.

Horticulture is a key part of the Aotearoa economy, and gaining first-hand experience in this environment will offer students valuable skills and experience.

Under the government’s fees free vocational education initiative, the Diploma in Horticulture is offered at no cost to participants until the end of 2022.

To apply, contact Fruition Horticulture Academic Manager Wendy Bradley (Bay of Plenty) or Horticultural Consultant Greg Dryden (Nelson).