Lincoln contributes to conservation series

25 May 2021 | Research News

Lincoln academics and alumni are involved in the production of a new RNZ podcast and documentary series, Fight for the Wild, chronicling the desperate battle to protect our native species.

Associate Professor James Ross, director of the Lincoln University Centre for Wildlife Management and Conservation, advised the producer, while Adjunct Associate Professor Elaine Murphy and alumni Tom Agnew and Jenny Dent, both working for Zero Invasive Predators Ltd (ZIP), appeared onscreen.

The series focuses on the fact that every year, an army of introduced predators devours the eggs and chicks of some 26 million native New Zealand birds, as well as countless insects, amphibians, reptiles, and plants. There are currently 4000 natives on the threatened species list and many more vulnerable to predation, a situation referred to as “New Zealand’s catalogue of shame”.

The series also explores the notion of a Predator Free 2050 and asks whether the initiative is achievable.

The Centre for Wildlife Management and Conservation provides new, effective, and humane tools for reducing invasive mammalian pests and monitoring biodiversity increase. It also contributes to the creation of sustainable environmental, social, and economic outcomes in the field of conservation.

Additionally, Lincoln University offers the Master of Pest Management, a fee-waivered degree that provides the advanced training and in-depth knowledge needed to find new solutions to predator eradication and biosecurity issues.

The series is on the RNZ website and TVNZ.

Image: From Episode I Fight for the Wild: Loss.