Lincoln’s industry connections land Rory his dream job

02 May 2023 | News

Thanks to the industry connections he made during his time at Lincoln, landscape architecture graduate Rory Kirkwood has landed his dream job at the design company, Isthmus.

"I’ve only worked here for a few months and have already been involved in some significant projects with some great people," he said.

"The ethos of the company and the sort of projects they associate themselves with really align with what I want to be doing with my career, so I couldn't be happier, really."

Rory will graduate on Friday 12 May with a Master of Landscape Architecture, which he decided to pursue after completing his undergraduate degree in architectural studies.

"I knew I wanted to transition into landscape and Lincoln was offering a two-year postgraduate Master’s degree in landscape architecture, fees free. It was a no-brainer," he said.

According to Rory, the Lincoln programme had the biggest influence on his career.

"Even though I was only at Lincoln for two years, I think the programme did a great job of teaching aspects of landscape architecture that are required when entering the industry," he said.

The exposure the course gives you to key people is also something I benefited from greatly, which led to me getting the job I have now.

Landscape architecture is the ideal field for him, given that his family "have always been avid gardeners and amateur landscapers, as well as enthusiasts of the natural environment".

"I was exposed to the fundamentals from an early age and my interest developed during my undergrad, as well as a short stint working for a landscaping company, which then came together after talking to a few people who had gone through the Master’s programme at Lincoln.

"The more I learnt about landscape architecture, the more I wanted to pursue a career in it."

When asked about the highlights of his time studying at Lincoln, he cited the variety of people he met, from the tutors and industry professionals to the students he studied with.

"I got a lot out of just being in the School of Landscape Architecture building and having conversations with people about our projects and landscape architecture in general. Everyone was always keen to chat."