LU expert speaking at Resilient Hurunui event

18 February 2021 | Research News

Farm management systems expert, Dr Nic Prince, is sharing his knowledge on how farmers and land managers in New Zealand and the United Kingdom can address social concerns.

He will speak at an event for Resilient Hurunui, which promotes a sustainable rural community that adapts positively to a dynamic climate and environment.

Dr Prince moved to New Zealand from the United Kingdom and has practical experience of managing hill sheep and beef systems in the English uplands.

Recently he has been working with farmers to help improve environmental outputs and business efficiencies. Before this, he lectured undergraduate and postgraduate students in agriculture and rural business in Scotland. With a background in social sciences, his academic interests include land, tenure, policy and economics.

His current research includes new entrants to the rural workplace, the role of wellbeing in management and agricultural education

During the presentation, he will be exploring the different approaches to land stewardship of New Zealand and the United Kingdom, discussing solutions to common problems, and how to enhance community by promoting multifunctional land management.

The event is at Amberley School from 7.30pm to 9.00pm, 18 February.