Livestock research scholarship funded by founder of ANZCO Foods

04 February 2022 | News

A new Lincoln doctoral scholarship aims to help meet the need for alternative pastoral livestock production systems that will foster the environment, soil, livestock, and human health.

The Sir Graeme Harrison Pastoral Livestock Production PhD Scholarship is supported by a former Lincoln University council member and founder of ANZCO Foods, an organisation that produces beef and lamb products.

Sir Graeme has interests in the productivity, profitability, ethics and sustainability of livestock production systems.

The scholarship is offered through the Lincoln University Pastoral Livestock Production Lab, and under the premise that consumers and producers of animal products are increasingly aware of the intricate connections between the health of the land, animals and humans, as well as of our collective responsibilities to sustain and enhance te taiao for future generations.

Subsequently, land users, policymakers and wider society are calling for alternative approaches to pastoral systems. These include functionally diversified adaptive and integrative food pastoral systems that simultaneously operate across multiple scales, from landscapes and foodscapes to healthscapes.

The scholarship would help meet the need for integrative research and education enabling us to move from the status quo livestock systems to new ones that counteract negative connotations of animal products and propose ethical and sustainable foodscapes, with animal products promoting integral health.

The scholarship covers tuition fees and includes a $28,000 stipend per annum. The closing date for applications is 1 April.

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