NZ high school study gives Ploy a headstart

08 April 2022 | News

Being an international student at Hillmorton High has helped Chamabadee Suphakit, also known as Ploy, adapt better to University life.

Ploy began her study journey in New Zealand almost three years ago, though she has just started her Lincoln University Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree.

She has found that early start an advantage.

Originally from Chiang Mai, North Thailand she attended Hillmorton from Year 11 to Year 13.

“Starting from high school and coming to university is a very good pathway, as when I first arrived I definitely had a culture shock, and many things to adapt to and understand,”  she said.

“Once I started university I nearly got overwhelmed, but I felt comfortable with the space, culture, surroundings, and language. This was because I already adapted myself for high school and I did not need to do much to do the same for university (such as time management, chores, and life balance when we leave from our parents).”

Her time at Hillmorton also helped relieve any worries she had about overseas study.

“It keeps me less worried or stressed about anything when I know more people around me, such as many friends and teachers too.

“I also got lots of helps from my host parents when I was studying there. That was so lucky for me.”

“The academic side is so much different from how we learned in Thailand high-school. In New Zealand they have more subjects to choose from and it helps us to know ourselves and what we like to do, and we get to experience them all.

“This helps us to have a clear vision for what we’d like to do in University,” Ploy said.

At school Landscape Architecture was a new term for her.

“One day in the design class at high-school, our career advisor came in and talked about landscape architecture at Lincoln University. I have been inspired by that ever since.

“I did some more research about it and talked to my parents who work in the property industry, and lots of my teachers back in Thailand.

“They all supported me and told me to do what I have a full intention to, so I decided to study landscape architecture.

“I personally like how the University has  comfortable spaces, not too big or too small. Its only a walking distance between the hall and the study buildings. It seems like I will have a great time here, and I am.”

“I also wanted to stay in Canterbury as my brother did. It always feels better to at least have one family member nearby when we stay far from our home country.”

“The programme focuses on diversity and kindness in leadership. Anyone who is open to the opportunity and have their clear goals in life seems to be selected in this programme.

“For me, the highlight would be that I have met so many great people in this programme and we did lots of fun stuff together too.

“Everything seems to be a highlight since I moved in. The most memorable one would probably be Orientation Week because we did lots of activities and it was very fun. Another one would be joining the Pottery Club. I had so much fun and have done lots of new things.”