PhD scholarship offers transformational opportunity

19 September 2023 | News

Lincoln University Landscape Architecture senior tutor, Marcus Robinson, has global experience as a landscape architect and master planner.

However, he describes the William Machin Doctoral Scholarship as giving him a "transformational opportunity" to pursue his PhD.

He is using it to explore competing interests, such as housing and agriculture at the urban fringe, where urban growth impinges on highly productive land, and the range of possibilities for living in connection with food in the peri-urban zone, where rural and urban land meet, in Aotearoa New Zealand.

"I am deeply grateful for being awarded the scholarship," he said.

This generous support has allowed me to reduce my workload and prioritise my studies for the next few years.

Applications for the William Machin Doctoral Scholarship for Excellence close on 1 October, the same date as applications for the BK Otway Education Foundation Doctoral Scholarship.

Both offer a student the chance to pursue their research without having to commit as much time to working, as they cover tuition fees and offer an annual stipend.

The BK Otway scholarship is available for a full-time doctoral student to support postgraduate research in the area of sustainable land management in agriculture or horticulture for the benefit of New Zealand, while the William Machin scholarship covers general research.

Click on the links to find out more, and to apply.