Power up your tech prowess with Lincoln’s specialised programmes

15 November 2022 | News

Technology is continually changing the way people live and work, and developments in this area drive every facet of life.

In the past few years, more and more businesses have adopted digital technologies to remain competitive, enhance efficiency and provide improved customer experience and value.

This is generating greater demand for people with skills that support the adoption and integration of technology in a range of businesses.

Aotearoa’s tech industry is the country’s second largest export sector, contributing significantly to the economy and creating a large number of jobs.

The industry’s median base salary in 2021 was $100,000 per year and career opportunities are plentiful, with New Zealand’s top 200 tech exporters employing 57,262 people globally.

By studying technology, students will have the opportunity to change how business operates, finding innovative ways to solve challenges across many industries.

Lincoln University offers a trio of tech-related programmes, focusing on applied computing in any industry, the new world of finance technology, and precision ag for modernising the agricultural field.

Master of Applied Computing

As technology becomes more relevant in every industry, the Master of Applied Computing is designed to help meet a demand for trained professionals in a broad range of tech roles, both in New Zealand and around the world.   

Students will add a strong understanding of technology to their existing skills and gain greater opportunities in a variety of sectors. A technological study background is not required and the programme prepares people to move into tech-based positions in 12 months.

Master of Fintech and Investment Management

The shift to emerging financial technologies and digital assets is changing the face of banking. As fintech is rapidly adopted by companies worldwide, demand is constantly escalating for trained professionals with both fintech and financial analysis skills.

The Master of Fintech and Investment Management offers a great opportunity for students to upskill, whether or not they have a finance study background. They will gain hands-on experience through industry placement in fintech-related firms, preparing them for major success in the field.

Master of Precision Agriculture

Digital technology is increasingly being used to enhance the efficiency, productivity and sustainability of the agricultural sector. To ensure global food production meets population needs, there is a strong demand for leaders with the skills to reshape the future of the agrifoods industry.

The Master of Precision Agriculture will open up opportunities to work in the primary industries, using tech to grow a more productive and sustainable agricultural sector.